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Bromo Adjacent Homology Domain Containing Protein 2 (BAHD2)

Английские синонимы
BAHCC1; BAH And Coiled-Coil Domain-Containing Protein 1
BAHD2 Contains 1 BAH domain. The BAH domain was first identified from a repeated motif found in the nuclear protein polybromo – a large (187 kDa) modular protein comprising six bromodomains, two BAH domains and an HMG box. To date, the BAH domain has no ascribed function, although it is found in a wide range of proteins that contain additional domains involved in either transcriptional regulation and/or DNA binding (HMG box and AT hook). The molecular function of polybromo itself also remains unclear, but it has been identified as a key component of an SWI/SNF (switching/sucrose non-fermenting)-related, ATP-dependent chromatin-remodelling complex PBAF (polybromo, BRG1-associated factors; also known as SWI/SNF-B or SWI/SNFβ). Structure-based sequence analysis reveals several features that may be involved in mediating protein–protein interactions.
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